Contemporary Landcape Paintings

Please view my gallery of contemporary paintings of Italy, France and Britain. Here you will find vibrant colourful landscapes of Tuscany and Venice in Italy the Languedoc region of France. I also have paintings of Britain, mainly Derbyshire.

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Tuscan Path (Paintings of Italy)

“Tuscan Path is my latest painting, in which I have used bold, vibrant colours to try and capture the beauty of the Tuscan landscape. This is available to buy in a Giclee print. Please view my other landsacpe paintings of Italy by clicking the link below.”

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Latest landscape paintings...
painting of italy, tuscan path
paintings of france, lakeside house

Lakeside House (Paintings of France)

“This painting of a lakeside house was inspired by a scene I photographed in the Languedoc region of France. I love painting French landscapes, the country is so varied and full of opportunities to capture it's beauty”

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